Learn French from scratch on your own. Tips from professional translators

Learn French from scratch on your own. Tips from professional translators and authors russian to english.

We live in a unique time. We have endless opportunities for communication and comprehension of new knowledge. As a result, it ensures the “conquest of new horizons” in various fields.

The availability of building communication with speakers of other languages ​​allows you to travel, gain new knowledge, study the culture of other countries, and also establish business contacts. This develops not only the spiritual side of a person, but also allows him to develop his own business.

France is a beautiful country. There are many attractions for tourists, as well as excellent business networking opportunities. That is why many Russians support the idea of ​​learning the language of this state.

French is considered to be one of the finest languages ​​in the world. He is very unusual and melodic. Many poems and songs are written on it, and more than one declaration of love has been made.

Learning a language requires a lot of time, effort, and sometimes money. Some hire tutors, others say: “We learn French from scratch on our own.” And they are very proud of it. Since most people understand that it is difficult and not everyone can do it.

If you decide to learn this language on your own, then the advice of our bureau specialists will help you.

Where to begin?

Think about whether you are ready morally and carefully assessed your own strengths. Many people are convinced that knowledge of several languages ​​is available only to a select few. And there are doubts about their own abilities.

It is the fear of facing failure in this endeavor that makes it hopeless for many. Throw away doubts, and then you will succeed. Language is an acquired skill. None of the people are born with the ability to speak one language or another. This ability is acquired over time and is within the power of everyone.

Our experts shared tips for learning French on your own. Read, apply, master.

1. Determine your type of perception.

It is important to understand how you comprehend the information better. You: audial (better memorize by ear), visual (better perceive data visually), kinesthetic (you need to feel, and sensations are important) or discrete (look at everything from a logical point of view). You can also be a mixed type.

Before starting your studies, take the tests that are presented in sufficient numbers on the Internet. This will help you with the selection of the required training format, which should be made basic and others auxiliary.

2. Get familiar with phonetics and reading rules.

The phonetics of this language is very complex. Everyone who knows him will attest to this. However, the pronunciation of many letters of the Russian and French alphabets is similar. It so happened historically that our languages ​​are related, and many Russian words are borrowed from the French.

In order to master phonetics, novice polyglots listen to the speech of carriers through audio recordings. Mastering this method is especially suitable for audiences.

When repeating sentences, work on your articulation, do special exercises that develop the desired speaking skill.

3. Learn grammar.

Competent speech makes a positive impression on any interlocutor. Agree, it is more pleasant for us to communicate with just such a person. Therefore, get acquainted with the grammar of the language as well, do not focus solely on the spoken version. If you are a discrete, then mastering this direction will be easier for you.

Remember, in French sentences, the subject comes first, then the predicate, and then the object.

4. Watch foreign films with subtitles. It is even better if it is a film in a foreign language, and subtitles will help you understand what it is about and translate from French.

Learn French Language Online Education Concept

5. Internet to help.

There are many online courses for language learning. Customize in your mobile main “Français”. Translate social media accounts, read e-books and magazines in that language.

6. Don’t learn single words. Memorize phrases at once, and in some cases – whole phrases. It will be easier, especially at first.

7. Speak as much as possible. Language practice is very important. Go to conversation clubs, chat with like-minded people.

8. Systematic approach.

This is one of the most important rules. Take 15-20 minutes to self-study French every day. Thanks to consistency and regularity, you will learn the language better and faster.

The main thing is not to tune in to instant results. Be patient, and in time you will succeed!

If you find it difficult to study on your own, tutors will help. You don’t have to buy a lot of activities. Pay 1-2 then proceed yourself. Then you will understand whether you still need a teacher or not.