Circumstances in which invoice translation is required

When is an invoice translation necessary?
Businesses involved in int

ernational trade are regularly faced with the need to prepare invoices for foreign buyers. Business representatives wishing to make this document as clear as possible for a foreign counterparty can use the services of our translation agency.

Note to customers
Often, the invoice contains information describing the color characteristics of the product. So, the shade, which in the original language is declared as “light green”, in the English translation should be written as “light green”. If the exporter translates the name of the color literally (salad), the counterparty may face difficulties in identifying the goods. Therefore, invoices that indicate the quality characteristics of products should be translated.

Often in the list of goods transferred to a foreign buyer, there areĀ units of measurement that describe the dimensions of the products. If the Russian consumer understands the meaning of the word “inch”, the English-speaking recipient of the product with a high degree of probability will be able to recognize only the designation “inch”. Therefore, in order to avoid disagreements with a foreign buyer, the exporter should also translate those invoices in which the units of measurement are indicated.

A document of the type under consideration often carries information about the conditions for the delivery of g

oods. Having received an invoice that has not been translated, the counterparty may simply not learn about the need to make a payment or send expense orders on time. Exporters wishing to avoid problems of this nature should take care of the translation of the list of products regulating the details of the transaction in advance.

Often, in the invoices in the form of an abbreviation, information is indicated on the organizational form of the business entity acting as the seller (JSC, LLC or individual entrepreneur). In order for the foreign counterparty to be able to correctly identify the legal status of the supplier and in the future not to make a mistake when calculating customs duties, it is recommended to subject such a document to a professional translation.