German translators: the demand for the profession and features of the search for vacancies

Today, communication and hindi to english translation at the international level is vital. Moreover, this issue concerns completely different areas. Knowledge of at least one foreign language is no longer a unique advantage, but rather a justified necessity.

Many modern applicants choose linguistic faculties, dreaming of a great career as an interpreter, constant trips abroad or even leaving for permanent residence abroad. Some already studying students additionally attend language courses with approximately the same intentions.

Of course, in dreams everything looks quite colorful and not entirely complicated. However, it is worth realistically assessing the prospects of the chosen profession. The modern market for translation services is extremely saturated. Therefore, when choosing a specialty, we recommend that you carefully think about the language direction.

The following languages ​​are most in demand today:

it is definitely english
german is the second most popular
further Chinese and Japanese,
arabic does not lag behind them.

Many, considering the first two highly demanded, do not take into account that in these language areas the number of offers from specialists can be dozens of times higher than demand. We decided to analyze the situation with the vacancies of German translators and suggest how possible it is for them to find a job in modern conditions.

Research results
Today, there are quite a few sites that are ready to assist in finding a suitable job. These are both job search sites and exchanges of translators, similar to ours –

We analyzed several of them and came to the conclusion that in reality there are fewer vacancies for German translators in certain cities than are presented on various portals. Since many are duplicated simultaneously on several sites.

Also, the volume of demand for translation services of German language specialists largely depends on the city. In the largest and most developed, you can find hundreds of job offers, both one-time and permanent. In smaller settlements, the number of vacancies is reduced to a dozen or less.

If we talk about Russia in general, we have found about 350 vacancies for German translators. At the same time, more than 6 thousand resumes from specialists in this profession were found.

At the same time, it is worth considering the specialization of the translation. Suppose you, knowing German, work with technology and are well versed in the terminology of this topic. In this case, an order for a translation from a German medical text will not suit you. Because you will not be able to make a quality translation without understanding the specifics of the material.

Our recommendations
If you still decide to master the profession of a German translator, then we recommend that you learn all the subtleties associated with this workflow. Also, constantly learn and improve your own professional skills.

Only in this case, you will be able to compete with such a large number of specialists with such a limited demand.