What foreign language to learn?

There is, of course, no universal answer to this question. It all depends on your ultimate goals and latin to english translation. Why do you need a language: for work, travel, for general cultural development and expansion of horizons, or for moving to another country and getting married?

What language to study

If you are not sure which language you need, most likely your work is not directly related to knowledge of foreign languages. In this case, choose languages ​​that are spoken by a large number of people. There is no particular point in learning rare languages ​​like Danish or Vietnamese, because you can only speak them with the inhabitants of these countries. However, if all your life you dream of learning ancient Greek and reading the Iliad in the original, then do not listen to anyone’s advice, make your dreams come true.

For those who do not know any foreign language, experts recommend learning English first of all. English is the language of international communication, and knowledge of this language is a prerequisite for employment in almost any job. Whether you want to get a grant or go on an internship, knowledge of English will come in handy in any case. English will also help you when traveling – no matter what country you come to, you will always find people who speak this language. Today there is no need to learn a hundred languages ​​- it is enough to learn one English. In addition, English is now a compulsory subject in almost all secondary schools, which means that by learning English, you will be able to help your child with homework.

The second in terms of complexity and popularity is Spanish. There are about 500 million native speakers of Spanish in the world – only Chinese surpasses Spanish in this parameter. Spanish is the official language of 25 countries around the world. In addition, it is an uncomplicated, beautiful language, and it is quite easy to learn it, especially for those who already know one of the Romance languages. The number of learners of Spanish as a foreign language is increasing every day.

Chinese is a promising but also difficult language. You will never regret if you learn it – it will open up new prospects for both career and personal growth. However, before deciding to learn Chinese, get ready for the fact that the learning process will take not a year or two. According to professionals, it takes about ten years on average to learn Chinese.

Languages ​​such as French or German are still popular and promising. It will expand your horizons and open up new perspectives for you and the study of rare languages, such as Arabic. Therefore, when choosing a language for learning, be guided only by your desires and needs. Ignore fashion trends – they are known to be fleeting. Whatever language you choose, the main thing is perseverance and motivation.